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Made up of men and women who've experienced the lack of clean water themselves, our GoTeam is passionate about making clean, safe water available to all their neighbors and families. They work tirelessly to build and maintain wells, train water committees, teach good sanitary practices, and serve schools and local clinics with their expertise. They know firsthand how water changes everything!

How  it Started...

In 2008 the Placke family moved to East Africa, settling in a village in southeastern Tanzania. With Christ as their compassion source, they embraced life alongside the Ngindo tribe. Learning language, culture, and daily living skills from their neighbors opened their eyes to the realities of life in a remote, underserved area. Experiencing the limitations that burden communities & families without access to clean, safe water they committed to work towards changing that. GoDrill was created in 2015 for and with their Tanzanian neighbors and friends all across the globe.

"Spending 12 days with Scott and the GoTeam I saw first-hand how thousands of lives were changed through donor support. It made it personal for me! I will forever remember the smiles of the 7000+ villagers of Mangirikiti as they pumped fresh, clean water from their first water well.”
-Mark Morris
Captain, American Airlines


Go Drill International, Inc. P.O. Box 1523 Giddings, Texas 78942

Go Drill Tanzania, SLP 99, Liwale Tanzania, East Africa

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