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Did you know it is common to see young girls walking more than a mile one way for clean water? This presents daily issues. Imagine a path that is filled with dangers of every sort from the ill intentions of adult men to the dangers of wild animals. By placing a well in the village the young girls have more than water, they have security.

A few important facts:

Go Drill International employs local labor from start to completion of all wells. The total cost of providing a well is $4000. Yes. That's it. Indiviuals, groups, churches and more can partner to build a well. Donate monthly or one time.


Go Drill International is a registered 501c3 organization and has oversight from a Board of Directors as well as an additonal Advisory Board. Your donations are received with great care and are charitable contibutions.





Go Drill International is a member of the

globally respected

National Ground Water Association.

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