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From clean water wells to health & hygiene care, Go Drill is a trusted community provider to the Ngindo people group. 
Please read through our budget needs. Contact us to discuss the options. 

2020 Budget Needs

When Go Drill begins planning a well, our goal is to reduce the monetary cost to the village as much as possible. Those that reside in the village will provide the land for us to drill (remains in the villagers ownership), natural resources such as sand and gravel, and labor to help during the process. This allows us to drill a well at a cost of $4,000, which is covered by Go Drill. That’s $8,000 less than the average well cost from other local contractors. And with every well we drill, we seek to EXCEED World Health Organization statndards.


Additionally, we work with the village after drilling the well to ensure proper training for use of the pump along with how to begin saving for pump repairs in the future. Our goal is to provide a long term, sustainable, clean water source that will provide for the village for years to come. Because...

But there are still costs, and more than just drilling going on. We do our best to provide sanitary products, training to grow and provide food, and much more. We couldn't do this without your support...

Here is a general overview of what we do and our expenses...


Budget Breakdown:

Pump Repair                    $25,000

Fish Farming                    $10,000

Rainwater Collection         $5,000

Agriculture Dev.               $25,000

Drilling                            $100,000

Just to be clear, when we cannot fund programs, we have to cut. Our priority is keeping the completed wells and pumps in working order. Then to drill in remote areas with the greatest need based on population, existing groundwater, etc. We can do more good things here, but not without your help. Please consider joining GoTeam today! 

Should you have any questions regard what we do and where your donations are going, please feel free to email us by clicking the link below.


Water Changes Everything
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